Chaoan Matcha

by Marukyu-Koyamaen

$ 49.95

Chaoan is named for the ancient Chinese city from which tea was first introduced to Japan. In the 8th century, Buddhist Monks coming back from China brought tea bushes back with them. The rich Japanese soil and agreeable climate helped the tea bushes flourish. Buddhist monks would drink matcha to help them fast and stay awake during long meditation sessions. Chaoan is one of our highest grade koicha matchas.

Koicha, the highest grade of matcha, is used in Japanese tea ceremony to make tea with a very thick consistency. Because of the very high concentration of matcha to water, koicha matcha must be cultivated and produced from only the very best, fresh young tea leaves. Koicha is characterized by its incredibly bright green color, often called "Jade Dew", and can be described as having a very strong, sweet leaf-like flavor.