Supporting Japan House at the University of Illinois

In 2015 Way of Tea began supporting the Japan House at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. This past year, Way of Tea donated roughly %3 of each order to become a Plum member of the Tomonokai (Friends of Japan House) program. This gift was made possible by each and every person who placed an order on our site in the past year!

Way of Tea founder, Blake Harvey, explains why this support is important to him:

"As an undergraduate I struggled a lot in attempting to come to grips with my own personal world-view and what purpose and value my life really had. The classes, professors, and experiences at the Japan House gave me a stage, a back-drop from which I could explore and ask questions about some of life's most fundamental mysteries in a non-threatening, nurturing environment. Through this exploration I was able to form a healthy approach to my daily life. In supporting the Japan House, I hope others can find similar, positive guidance for their own path through life."

As sales increase Way of Tea will continue to increase its ongoing support of the Japan House. Our goal is to be eventually become Matsu Members (major contributor) of the Japan House Tomonokai program. With each and every order you place on the site, you will be contributing to the ongoing support of the Japan House!